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"Majestic Emigrant on Path of Virtual Conquest"

Bless to all of you, children of the Earth, is what I'd say years ago, but I've been here long enough to understand your culture. Hello, everyone! My name is Drachia! You can also call me Chia, Kachia, Dechia, Pachia, or Buchia, as long as you think it suits me I spend most of my times playing games, reading comics, watching films and videos, or just browsing the internet. My content focused on gaming right now, roguelike games, deckbuilding games, card games, and FPS games, but I'd like to do other stuff like open discussion and open heart session in the future, so stay tuned!


Height : 165 cm
Weight : 60 kg
Birthday : September 9
Age : Secret
Blood Type : AB
Hobbies : Reading comics, playing video games


Drachia was caught in some magic circle that was meant to eliminate her siblings. She gets teleported to earth instead. Upon arriving on earth, she meets with Dragon Emperors. However, they can not communicate due to language barriers. It turns out that a long time ago another dragon was also teleported to earth and taught the dragon language. Dragon Emperors create a Real-Time Language Translation Mmachine (RTLTM) for her.

She is fascinated with virtual media and realized that Dragon Emperors does not have a concrete plan for conquering the virtual world, so she offered to lead the conquest. One part of her plan is to become a VTuber. However, she can not convey her emotion properly using RTLTM because it uses a monotone voice to speak. To solve this issue, she used a live interpreter to repeat what the RTLTM said, but with added emotion or tone onto it.

Because she is inexperienced with money management, the budget for the live interpreters is almost nonexistent, hence they are contracted for each content rather than on a time period basis or on a program basis.