LastOne: Behind the Choice

A group of people gather in an unknown place, not knowing why they are here and where they actually are. The only thing they know about this place is 'to leave this place, one has to win a match against the ruler of the realm'.

Play through the campaign to discover the stories of the characters, then help them challenge Lucifer to leave out of there. Or play casually in the free play and test your math skills in several different difficulties.

Cursed Mansion

Play as a girl who arrived at the mansion, got locked out, and searched a way to escape while discovering the obscured truth surrounding the mansion. Player will search for clues, key items, etc.; solving riddles and puzzles to advance throughout the game while escaping unknown situations that could lead to protagonist's misfortune.

Cursed Mansion is a horror adventure RPG that focuses on nuances and eerie feelings throughout the adventure.

Three Mazeketeers

A girl was summoned by a certain kingdom from a magical place to help the kingdom with a daunting task. But the summoner accidentally summoned three versions of the girl from different timelines to one body! Would they be able to finish the task?

Help these girls to finish the task by journeying through the labyrinth. Use different forms to see different perspectives and to tackle various challenges. What lies beyond the labyrinth?

Oracle of Forgotten Testament

Oracle of Forgotten Testament is an episodic turn-based RPG based on Touhou games by ZUN. The game will auto-update itself every time a new episode is out!

Player will use several Touhou characters to explore every nook and cranny of Gensokyo and resolve every incidents ever happening.


Updated: 26/06/2019 - DEMO Chapter 02 Available!

Lucerna Tenebris

Rex and Regina are energetic teens starting out their first adventure, unaware of the fate looming within darkness.

Lucerna Tenebris is a fantasy RPG, set in a world where Deities and Demon fought, consequently altering humans into demi-humans. This is where difference arises and conflict begins.

Who are We?

Dragon Emperors is a video game developer founded in March 2021 from Bandung, Indonesia. We focus on making RPG video games, from action adventure to survival horror. The games that we are working on are Oracle of Forgotten Testament, Cursed Mansion, and Lucerna Tenebris.

Active Members

Fatra Maulana

Fatra Maulana

Emperor of Dark Arts

Agavi D. Simatupang

Agavi D. Simatupang

Game Designer & Art Director

G. Prisma Radheka

G. Prisma Radheka

Art Director & 2D Art Specialist

Hamzah M. Yusuf



Yohandi Alvianto

Yohandi Alvianto




2D Artist

Part Timers & Collaborators



Majestic Emigrant

Muharrizk Abilaksana

Muharrizk Abilaksana

Artificial Intelligence

Keith Bunardy

Keith Bunardy

Sound Engineer


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  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: Dragon Emperors
  • Twitter: @dragonemperorss
  • Discord: Dragon Emperors
  • We're always available online! Whether it's a bug report, problems playing our games, or just wanna say hi, don't be afraid to reach us. Our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.